Web Marketing for Your Website

WeMaintainWeb.com - Website Marketing PlansWhen it comes to marketing your website, the overall goal is to bring real human traffic to your website (giving your business more opportunities to land more sales). With this goal in mind, KESHANDE Technology puts a focus on the following three strategies (which in turn will increase traffic to your website, along with boosting your organic search engine rankings). More traffic to your website, means more opportunities for your business to land sales and generate revenue.

  • Creative Content Creation: Search engines want websites with a large volume of relevant information (and so do your visitors). The more relevant information your website publishes, the more traction the website will gain via organic search results (simple, yet effective strategy).

  • Basic Optimizing: An old, yet still effective tactic is making sure images are tagged correctly, along with basic content editing, inserting relevant descriptions, removing irrelevant links where necessary..ect. This is not something that is done at once, but gradually over the course of the marketing campaign. Making your web pages and content easier for search engines to crawl (thus making your content more accessible to your potential visitors).

  • Brand Integrity, Social Media Activity: Making sure your business pages (google, bing, yahoo, facebook..ect) remain accurate (in regards to your business information). Making sure social media pages remain active (at least one post per week). There is nothing worse than a visitor landing on a page that has inaccurate information or social media pages that have not been updated for weeks (first impressions are everything). If you want to maintain a steady flow of traffic to your website, maintaining accurate and fresh information through your social media outlets are going to be key.


What WeMaintainWeb.com by KESHANDE Technology can guarantee:

  • We will increase awareness of your brand through Facebook and Instagram
  • We will increase traffic to your website.
  • We will deliver the minimum number of posts outlined in your marketing plan.
  • Your organic search engine rankings will improve.
  • We will establish a solid web marketing foundation that will allow us to scale your marketing budget to reach a wider audience.


WeMaintainWeb.com - Website Marketing Plans

To get started with one of our consultants, please select a package from our Web Marketing Plans page or call 972-559-4WEB (4932).